Using the most modern techniques, our dedicated horticulture team has contributed to afforest mangroves spanning in excess of 2889 hectares. In addition, over two million trees have been planted within our premises.

This has brought appreciation from reputed international organisations such as International Association of Ports and Harbours, which has classified our Mundra Port amongst the greenest port in the world.

Additionally, the group has also developed a natural bio-shield comprising of Mangroves and local species on a coast in Gujarat. The bio-shield aims at conserving the soil quality and ground water tables safeguarding them against sea water and saline winds

2020欧洲杯体育投注网In the Coal Mining sector, we have been the first company to introduce Tree Transplantor. The method has successfully transplanted over 8000 trees around the mining area.

2.5 Million + Trees Planted

2889+ Hectares Mangroves Afforested 

8000+ Trees Transplanted