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Additional Services

In addition to our core services, JRM has even more machining capabilities such as CNC Sawing and Grinding.

CNC Sawing

High speed production CNC Sawing to get optimal parts out of standard lengths of material.

  • Daito Band Saw GA-260W
  • DoAll Cut Off Saw C-5A
  • Kalamazoo Cold Saw FA-350A
  • Tiger Cold Saw 350AX
  • Abrasive Wheel Hot Saw

Deburring Tumblers

5 cubic-foot tumblers for various production and non-production uses.

  • Vibratory tumbling + abrasive media
  • Multiple grids
  • Production deburring

Surface Grinding

Surface grinding and super finishes for your shafts.

  • Automatic Surface Grinder 12" x 24"
  • Automatic Tool+Cutter Grinder
  • Universal Tool Grinder
  • Sand blasting

Super Finishes

We can super-polish to a 4 micron finish.

  • Superfinisher to polish rolls and shafts to 4 microns.
  • Sand blasting