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CNC Turning

JRM can program while running parts, allowing us to work on multiple parts simultaneously. We have a variety of sizes and capabilities on our machines, and can assure high quality and low prices. Reworking rollers is a breeze on our machines.

CNC Turning Centers


Between multiple turning centers, bar feeding systems, and our fast programming system, we can quickly complete multiple parts simultaneously.

Versatile Tooling

CNC Lathe

Live tooling on large turrets keep our turning centers running effectively on a large variety of jobs. Manual lathes are available for the most obscure parts.



Our investments in efficiency keep JRM priced competitively. From the machines, to the machinists, to the raw materials, we waste nothing in our delivery.

High Quality


Quality does not have to be sacrificed for speed. Our experienced machinists take pride in delivering high quality parts from our advanced machinery.