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Swiss Machining & Turning

Tsugami S206 3/4" Capacity

The New Tsugami S206 is a state of the art Swiss Turning Center manufactured by
Tsugami Corporation of Japan. recognized worldwide for superior precision machine
tools since 1937.


The S206 platform delivers advanced technology capability and performance at an
economical price.

Its standard Eight Cutting Axes (X1. Y1. Z1. X2. Z2. Y2. C1. and C2) along with S Series Abile Programming Software can make easy work of your toughest applications.

High Precision- High Speed- High Rigidity

  • 35 Tool Positions
  • 8 Axis
  • C Axis Control
  • High Pressure Coolant

2002 1" diameter capacity High Precision Tsugami

  • 7" Axis, 24 tools
  • Lots of live tooling to do complicated jobs
  • High pressure coolant
  • Ability to work on 2 operations simultaneously
  • New 2001 1/2 capacity High Precision Tsugami
  • 5 Axis
  • We run this machine lights out, therefore we are very competitive
  • SPC we use Quantum Software, with Fowler Pressure mics. Quality is #1 at JRM
  • Small Magnetic, Deburring, Polishing machine for your small SS parts
  • We do a lot of medical parts, holding .0002 tolerance
  • High speed machines; 6000 RPM
  • Knurling
  • High speed threading
  • High speed drilling and tapping
  • Milling complex parts
  • Turning long small diameter parts
  • High quality finishes

Swiss screw machine products and turned parts are an integral part of manufacturing processes and manufacturing industries worldwide. The Swiss screw machine is a single-spindled mechanism that was developed in Switzerland to produce turned parts. Swiss screw machine products and turned parts are commonly used in a variety of products, including agricultural, electronic, computer, and medical manufactured goods. Typical products manufactured by screw machines may include computer hardware parts, construction tools, lawn and garden products and automotive fixtures.

Swiss screw machine products are created through a highly precise and systematic process. To use the Swiss screw machine, a machinist feeds bar stock through the machine's cutting cycle. In the cutting cycle, the bar stock is rotated by the spindle, and then cut. The cams on the Swiss screw machine control the type and duration of cuts made to the bar stock. Screw machines vary in their range of horsepower and spindle speed, but all come equipped with safety devices, such an overriding mechanical clutch that is capable of halting the main drive shaft at any moment. Screw machines allow turned parts to be produced on a time-efficient, fully mechanized schedule while still retaining a high degree of precision.

Turned parts, which include pins, rivets, screws, fittings, studs, and bolts, are unique from other parts in that they must be machined in the screw machine. After the bar stock is loaded into the screw machine, the parts are machined as the bar is being processed, resulting in small parts with very tight tolerances. The turned parts created by Swiss screw machines are generally different from the parts produced by other screw machines. Swiss screw machine products and turned parts usually have very tight tolerances. Swiss screw machine products and turned parts are also generally much smaller, more complex parts.


Swiss Turning
Swiss Turning Services

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